1. The dog dog health - not long-term eat liver

Whether a cat or a dog as a pet now they are very popular, as master must know a little pet knowledge, so that their healthy growth. For example below had to say, these two kinds of disease because of the master's ignorance, take a look.

Pet baby dogs

A, young cat rickets (3 months ~ 1 year old multiple) : a cat appeared in the waist, back hump, hind limb paralysis, neck stiff and general symptoms such as pain. Due to lumbar sag and pelvis deformation, if oppression rectum cause defecate is difficult, it will lead to death. The disease if treated, although most can be cured, but can leave lumbar permanent deformation, the mother cat can't birth, old age easy constipation sequela.

Second, the dog intervertebral disc herniation (2 years old ~ 4 years old in the spring and autumn season multiple) : the incidence of the disease in the near future in clinical is very high, in Beijing, most dogs. Sickness dog doesn't love sports, did not dare to jump up and down, back hump, walk anomaly, when he was picked up by the sudden pain and "hum"; Later may suddenly appeared the hindquarters paralysis, incontinence, hind leg muscle atrophy wait for a symptom. This is because the vertebra gap narrow, vertebral nuclear emersion and neural oppression. Even if timely after treatment, the symptoms slow

2. Pet baby puppy how to care

Now pets dogs is very popular, but to pet the dog dog knowledge know little, pets dogs should, first of all, study the pet dog knowledge, knowledge puppies how to care you, take a look.

1 pet baby how should hello? Listen to people say can't eat

Answer: the dog dog nutrition mainly from dog food, the dog dog can't long-term eat people cooking. Can only eat dog food, pet treasure house of natural dog food VIP, teddy and pet baby's favorite food. With a dog food is given priority to, the best is a natural dog

3. Pet baby shower has exquisite on time

Take a shower is the guarantee clean hygiene necessary measures, even if the weather turns cold, also should not ignore the "homework".

But into the autumn after, bathe the dog should not too frequent, general guarantee once a week is enough - otherwise very easy to cause the dog dog catch a cold. Usually only need to insist that every for dog regulating hair, back out timely rub-up four feet, can ensure the clean.

Pet baby pet dog

If it is oneself give dog a bath, should be beforehand with some equipment, such as special wash tub, bath towel, private bath fluid, comb (metal, wood or plastic, but best to prepare for the dense tooth, dilute tooth each one), brush, absorbent cotton bar, small tweezers, eye ointment, hair dryer, etc.

Bath depth to don't drown the dog dog back advisable, and water temperature 35 ℃ or so best, hand feel mild can try water temperature, water is too hot or too

(4) how to reduce the pet dog appreciate

The company have the dog is a happy thing, every dog master are looking for reducing pet dog appreciate method, in order to eliminate the dog dog body odor will often help the dog dog a bath, but the baby to appreciate is still so heavy. Because the dog dog body odor is born, to completely remove is impossible, can only take a few skills, as far as possible to reduce the dog dog smell can.

The dog smells bad breath is one of the most important sources, the dog dog ears also often trail peculiar smell, anal gland is the dog dog smell of the most important sources. The following message from various aspects to discuss: