1. The dog is flesh-eater, in feeding, need to be in the feed preparation more animal protein and fat, complementary with vegetarian ingredients, to ensure that the

2. The dog's digestive tract than grazing animals should be short, the dog stomach hydrochloric acid content in livestock in the first place, together with intestinal wall thick absorption ability, so easy and appropriate digest meat food.

3. The dog belong to families, in eating little when chewing, it may be said "Wolf". If you want to feed the crude fiber vegetables had better put the vegetables to chop

4. The dog's defecate center is not developed, not in procession defecate, so we will give it a certain defecation time.

5. Dogs like to chew. This is the original bite down the habit of leaving. We in the feed to often give it some dog bone (dog bite glue, can't feed it poultry bones, the pig cow also had better not feed, otherwise you may not be able to choke the), in order to grind one's teeth with.

6. The dog has a unique self defense ability, eat into toxic food, can cause vomiting reaction and the toxic food spit it out.

7. The burning hot summer, the dog big piece of the mouth, hangs a long tongue, rely on the saliva moisture evaporates to heat.

8. The dog in the social, also has "hierarchy" and subordination. To establish such an order can maintain the stability of the group, less because of food, living space race and cause ferocious battle.

9. The dog to lie down, always around a turn, look around any danger, sure no danger, will sleep at ease.

10. The dog's neck, back like to be caress. Try not to touch the head, because that will make it feel depressed and vertigo. In addition, the buttock and tail can not be touched. "The dog to her wallowing in the mire", this is the biggest dog the habit, and must be correct.